Rome, November 15-16, 2024

Functional Medicine and Nutrition Symposium

Two intense days where you can enhance the quality of your profession and experience a comprehensive educational journey.
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About Symposium23

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The largest Functional Medicine and Nutrition event in Italy

All together in building the future

An accelerator of education, innovation, and networking that serves as a tool for nutritionists, doctors, pharmacists, dietitians, and health professionals, connecting them with top speakers both in Italy and globally.

A unique event that combines an exhibition area, educational sessions, professional networking, relaxation, and entertainment moments.

All in just 2 days.

Professionals and companies come together to encounter medical research, nutritional discoveries, and innovation to build a better future for health!

Why is it important to be there?

Now in its 7th edition, the Symposium is the Italian event on Functional Medicine and Nutrition, dedicated to all professionals who wish to stay updated and in touch with the top international and national experts.

Seated next to you in the hall, you will find nutritionists, doctors, pharmacists, dietitians, osteopaths, and health professionals who are part of this field.

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Top speakers with practical and real case studies

Thierry Hertoghe
Mike Belkowski
Tom O'bryan
Ida Ferrara
Manuel Salvadori
Valentina Andrulli Buccheri
Marco Valentini
Edy Virgili
Caterina Borracino
Francesca Manfra
Maurizio Salamone
Ilaria Bertini
prof paolo riccio simposio24
Sabrina Camilli
paolo antolini medico chirurgosimposio24
Pol De Saedeleer

What topics will be discussed ?

Everything you need to stay up-to-date and achieve results in your profession, through immediately applicable knowledge and case studies.

1. Hormones, metabolic balance

2. Hormonal axes and their influence on the immune system

3. The impact of lifestyle and diet on hormonal axes

4. Microbiota and its influence on hormonal balances

Meet professionals like you

Share moments of education and networking, even outside the plenary sessions.

Included in your entrance ticket, you’ll have access to:

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A superb venue at our disposal

On November 15th and 16th, 2024, at the NH Villa Carpegna Hotel.

Located in a peaceful area of Rome, just a short walk from Villa Doria Pamphilj and 2 km from the Vatican, the hotel offers a gym and free amenities such as an outdoor pool, WiFi, and parking.

Additionally, you’ll find a private garden where you can relax and enjoy the Friday cocktail reception. We’ll have a dedicated area reserved for us to enjoy the buffet lunch during the two-day event.

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Only 300 professionals will be able to participate in the Symposium

Every year, spots fill up quickly because the event is highly sought after in the industry for its quality and relevance. Join us for an experience that will change the way you see our field. Reserve your spot now before it’s too late!

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"Unique event"

How we made a difference in people’s lives during the previous edition of the Simposio. Now, we aim to do even better together with Simposio24.

Unique event

“Simply unique event, it’s my go-to event for my profession as a Nutrition Biologist. Recommendation for the future: don’t make it ‘too big’ in terms of participants, I highly appreciate the limited number, it allows us to follow everything very clearly and with order in the exhibition spaces and break areas, which unfortunately doesn’t happen in events with many more participants.”

Glad to have participated

“It was two intense days, during which I found many inspirations to improve my professional quality and also some confirmations. I really loved seeing different professional figures appreciating the functional approach. I was very happy to have participated; it wasn’t my first time, and I would participate again even if nothing changed.”

Interesting topics, carefully selected speakers

“It was a magnificent experience to attend the Symposium in person, interact with colleagues from all over Italy, and finally meet my ‘mentors’ whom I’ve been following for years thanks to various webinars and the Master’s program in functional medicine and nutrition that I attended last year. It was an honor to listen to speakers of caliber such as Tom O’Bryan, whose understanding, along with that of other foreign speakers, was made possible thanks to the presence of two exceptional translators to whom I extend my compliments. The topics chosen were of great interest and relevance, as well as the careful and targeted selection of speakers.”

Learned a lot and met new collaborators

“It was a comprehensive educational experience, both in terms of the content presented and the organization and choice of sponsors; everything was aligned with the themes and objectives of the Symposium. These are fundamental topics for the health of the future, which I personally have known and disseminated for some time, but they are still not widely spread. I commend you for the commitment you have shown over the years to their dissemination. I learned a lot and had the opportunity to meet professionals who will undoubtedly be valuable collaborators in further improving patient care.”

Some highlights from the last edition

At the Symposium, you build relationships, gain expertise, and live experiences

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Full Ticket

  • Access to 2 days of the event
  • Free access to 1 workshop (subject to availability)
  • Learning course with ECM
  • Networking Cocktail
  • n.2 Coffe Break
  • n.2 Buffet lunches
  • Slides of all presentations
  • Translation kit
  • Participation certificate
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